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Town of Oakville Online Services for Building Permits and Inspections

Starting this week, the Town of Oakville has a new service that enables residents and building industry professionals to apply for a building permit as well as request inspections— all online.

It’s easy. Visit, sign up for a town account, and select Construction and Renovations. From there, registered users are able to submit permit-related drawings and documents, track the status of an application as it moves through reviews and approvals, pay for permits, request inspections and view the results.

For additional information, we have the How to Apply for a Building Permit or Electronic Payment Information web pages.

At this time, the town is able to accept all types of building permit applications ranging from small decks and accessory structures to large industrial and multi-storey buildings. Staff plan to include these types of applications in the near future as the online service continues to evolve.

The town is launching more projects in 2021 and beyond. The result will be easier, faster and more predictable and transparent processes – whether a customer is building a backyard cabana, a subdivision or anything in between.

Build safe. Build smart. Build with a permit.

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