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2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

This year the Pumpkin Parade is going to look and feel a little different but that won’t stop West River Residents from sharing their spooky, funny and creative pumpkins with the neighbourhood.

How to participate:

· Select a theme for your pumpkin carving

· Email the WRRA ( a photo of your pumpkin (include the theme category) by 8pm Saturday Oct 30th

· On Nov 1st we will announce the winners

· Winners will receive a gift card from a local store

Pumpkin Theme Categories:

· Scariest/Creepy

· TV/Movie (Pop Culture)

· Most creative

· Best painted Pumpkin

Join us Nov 1st for the Great WRRA Pumpkin Walk! More details below.

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