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Have you heard about the Housing Affordability Task Force Report?

The We Love Oakville (WLO) team comprised of a number of residents associations have come together, once again to start the fight to stop this radical legislation before it gets pushed through.

Tell the Province: Yes to locally planned growth; No to dismantling our neighbourhoods and more sprawl. Under the guise of making housing more affordable, the provincial government is moving towards radical new legislation that will hand over planning decisions to the development industry, dismantle existing neighbourhoods and accelerate urban sprawl across natural areas and farms. The government offers no evidence that this will make housing more affordable. Ontario deserves a better plan to help solve the problem. Ready to know to more? Click HERE WLO strongly support actions to make housing more affordable and they agree with numerous recommendations in the government’s report, including the need for more in-fill housing and accessory apartments in existing neighbourhoods. They support these changes if they are planned locally and not a one-size-fits-all solution for growth. BUT WLO strongly oppose changes that will dismantle our existing neighbourhoods’ characters, and accelerate more urban sprawl, without solving the main issue of housing affordability. The new legislation will dismantle existing neighbourhoods. It will:

  • hand over planning decision to developers

  • remove local controls on development

  • reduce environmental and heritage protections

  • burden existing home owners with higher property

  • taxes to pay for new services for new home owners

  • silence our local voice

Send a strong message to Premier Doug Ford, as well as the Minister of Housing Steve Clark and MPPs Stephen Crawford and Effie Triantafilopoulos, that you are opposed to changes which will benefit developers without benefiting the general public. We don’t want the illusion of progress -- we want and need to make housing more affordable.

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