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Dear Friends & Moonshine Family: WE HAVE CREATED A GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN WITH A TARGET OF $75,000.


The Moonshine Café is an vital element in the Arts Community in Oakville, across Canada and Internationally.They have but a few months before they will be forced to close permanently as has been the fate of many Live Music Venues across the country.These are unprecedented times and this funding initiative will ensure that The Moonshine Café will have the financial resources to weather the next 12 months.We have spoken to John & Jane. As you know they are fiercely independent.

We have assured them this is not a charity effort, but an investment by patrons, artists & friends.We do not want to lose this hub that has been established for 15 years and has given us 15 years of wonderful memories.We have the opportunity to avoid losing The Moonshine Cafe now and showing John, Jane and The Moonshine crew how much they mean to us. THANK YOU for your generosity. Your kindness and support are the key to making sure The Moonshine Café will continue to operate for a long time to come.

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Taryn Maclean
Taryn Maclean
17 Mar 2021

Hi - Can you post the link for the Gofundme page for the moonshine cafe. I can't see it.

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