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Neighbourhood - Seedling Giveaway

Our amazing local resident Katie is doing another seedling giveaway this weekend! You probably have passed by her plentiful gardens at the corner of River Side Dr. and Queen Mary many times.

This year she is making it a charity event - this year all proceeds will be going to Ukraine relief.

Last year's event was so much fun, with neighbours who hadn't seen each other in months chatting together on the sidewalk. She raised close to $600 for the Kerr Street Mission.

This year, Katie has added an exciting new element with SO MANY people passing by and ask gardening questions, she will be kicking off the event with a Garden Tour and horticultural chat. That will be at 9:00 and then seedlings will be available at 10:00.

For the most part, Katie has tomato seedlings - many interesting and exceptionally beautiful varieties that are not available at the garden centre. She will also have tarragon, onions and cucumber.....possibly more.

Make sure to stop by and check it out!

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