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Open house on massive Midtown development on Tuesday May 9th

Midtown will be the largest development in the history of Oakville - consider up to 50,000 new neighbours to the north and east of the GO train station.

It will have massive implications for the future livability of our community in so many ways for many decades into our future.

Amendments to the Oakville Official Plan specific to Midtown are being discussed and will be finalized in the next few weeks which will direct building/development decisions in the area for decades to come. It will be extremely difficult to make additional revisions so consider upcoming decisions to be “carved in stone”.

We all understand the need for development and growth, along with the need for more housing for people. Development needs to happen and will.

But let’s make sure we are fully informed and ensure the development is done right.

There are two key upcoming dates for events around the amendments:

  • Public Information Session , Tuesday May 9 at Town Hall at 6:30 PM

  • Special Planning and Development Council Meeting , Tuesday May 23 at 8:30 PM

See more information at:

1. News Release - Town invites public input to finalize plans for Midtown Oakville (Attached below)

2. Town Invites Public Input

3. Midtown Oakville Growth Review

We’ll share more information as it becomes available.

News Release - Town invites public input to finalize plans for Midtown Oakville
Download PDF • 173KB

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