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Town of Oakville: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Survey

We want to share with you that the Town of Oakville has been actively working on its 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. The plan will strengthen the Towns commitment and take a holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion practices. The plan includes eight key initiatives to support the development of a Multi-Year Inclusion Plan for Oakville, which will be created in 2022.

One of the most important aspects of the Action Plan is to conduct a comprehensive, public engagement process to gather valuable feedback.


Is to hear from as many individuals and organizations as possible about town programs, services and communications with inclusion in mind. Help the Town on it's mission and fill out the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion online survey.

Inclusion is about creating an environment where every person feels like they belong, and is able to work and live to their full potential with respect, dignity and freedom from discrimination.

Town of Oakville’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion online survey

· They survey is open to anyone who lives, works or conduct businesses in Oakville and/or who use town facilities/programs/services.

· It should take about 10-15 mins to complete. Responses are entirely anonymous.

· The online survey can be translated into multiple different languages (there are instructions on the home page of the survey).

· The survey is open until November 5.

· Responses will be used to create a multi-year inclusion plan for the Town of Oakville, to be developed in mid-2022.

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