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WRRA Annual General Meeting - Oct 21st at 8pm

Dear West River Residents,

You are cordially invited to attend the AGM or the WRRA which is to be held on Thursday October 21, 2021 at 8pm via Web

Sit down with your WRRA board members to review this past year and get a glimpse at things we are planning for 2022. We will also be joined by:

1. Rob Burton, Mayor

To providing an update on the Town of Oakville a

nd further insight into items impacting the West River.

2. Cathy Duddeck, Ward 2 Reginal and Town Councilors & Ray Chisholm, War 2 Town Councilor

To providing an update on everything happening in Ward 2, with a specific focus on activities that have an impact for West River.

3. Chris Clapham, Sustainable Transportation Program Coordinator

To provide update on the Integrated traffic and safety management plan, as well as an overview of what the Town commits to doing in the West River to reduce speeding.

4. Chris Mark, Director - Park and Open Space

To provide an update on things happening in all our West River parks.


Make sure to sign up using the below link!


Below you will find:

  • AGM Minutes from Oct 22, 2020

  • Fiscal 2021 financial statement

  • Charter revisions 2021 - to be voted on at AGM

  • AGM agenda for Oct 21, 2021

Fiscal 2021 Year end financial statements
Download PDF • 17KB

WRRA AGM Minutes October 22 2020 for review
Download PDF • 116KB

Charter revision 2021
Download PDF • 205KB

WRRA AGM October 21 2021 - Agenda
Download PDF • 109KB

Best Regards,

The WRRA Board

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